Vitamine tekorten waar herken je ze aan?

Vitamin infographic: what they do/which foods contain them:

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Vitamin D plays a significant role in fighting depression, healthy skin and weight management! Try these Top 10 Vitamin D Rich Foods to get your daily dose!:
Pas op waar de vis & levertraan vandaan komt ivm Fukushima!

Benefits of different fruits. Just remember to keep fruit to 2 servings a day. One at you first meal and second post workout to replenish glycogen stores and drive protien into muscles.:

The 13 Vitamins:


You can optimize your diet to ensure your body gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay energized. Follow this guide to find out how!:

Cracks at the corners of your mouth - Iron, Zinc, B Vitamins (Niacin, Riboflavin, B12)  Red, scaly rash on your face (body) and hair loss - Biotin (B7) Red or white acne-like bumps on cheeks, arms, and thighs - EFAs, Vit. A & Vit. D  Tingling, prickling, and numbness in hands, feet, or elsewhere B Vitamins (Folate, B6, B12)  Muscle cramps / stabbing pains in toes, calves, feet & back of legs - Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium:


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